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Archive for September 2016

CareAchieve Quick Start

Quick Guide to CareAchieve   CareAchieve is a secure online portal for running queries and finding trends in your patients’ cHIE data. Authorized users can log in from any computer connected to the internet and view results on their patients. The information in CareAchieve is provided by hospitals, clinics, laboratories, . . . Read more

POLST Instructions-External

  Adding POLST Documents to the cHIE Clinical Portal   Before processing a POLST document, make sure that it contains at least three pieces of patient information you can use to verify the patient’s identity. When you look up the patient’s electronic record in the cHIE Clinical Portal, you will . . . Read more

Security Abstract V3

  UHIN Security Specification Introduction Patient privacy and the security of our members’ data are very important to us at UHIN. We have established a number of procedures that we follow in operating both our clearinghouse and cHIE lines of business, in order to keep your data safe. These procedures . . . Read more